Harare Caledonian Society

“COID, Craig – It is with utterly broken hearts that we announce the sudden death of Craig, wonderful son of Liz and the late Tom Coid.  Husband of Melanie and Father of Lea. Brother to Stewart, and Uncle to Thomas and Hannah, on Monday 11th December.

Funeral and celebration of life for Craig will be held on Monday 18th December at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Stoney Road, Greencroft at 11.00 am.

Please wear a bit of Tartan.  If you have a tartan skirt, kilt etc,  please wear this.  Will those attending please be kind enough to bring a plate of eats to share. 

We welcome all who knew Craig”.

Thank you 

Liz and Mélanie Coid


Good Morning Caledonians and Kindred Societies,

Would each of you give a little thought to the letter below.  The Caledonians supported this two years ago and you were all amazingly generous and we managed to collect quite a substantial amount of food stuffs etc.,  This year I am extending this to the Kindred Societies as well.

I can start receiving now any item you care to donate.  I am at The Heritage School, but I just thought I would send this out now as we have the Kindred Societies Quiz coming up on 28th October and you are invited to bring your donation to me at the Quiz.

There is a huge range of things we can select from the lists below.

Last time I met with Debbie several times as donations came in, and I will do the same again this time.

I know things are difficult at the moment, but I am sure you will want to donate to this very worthy cause.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

cell phone 0772 307 556 : land line 04 332910

Lots of love


Subject: oldies Christmas

Good Morning All

I woke up this morning and realized it was October and that Christmas once again is almost upon us.  Scary !!!  Once again I need to start thinking about the old people in Harare.

Please before you delete this take a minute to reflect that we are all going to be this age one day and we may find ourselves in similar circumstance where we thought our future was secure until the Zimbabwe dollar crashed and our life savings ended up a pittance of a mere $ 10.00 a month or our family have left the country for greener pastures (no one blames them) but over time have forgotten that they have parents in Zimbabwe (It happens).  Folks these old guys didn’t ask to be in this situation and it definitely isn’t your fault, but it’s not their either.  They are victims of circumstance.  If we are not there for them, who is ? If we cannot do this for them then who will ?  Christmas is about giving and caring.  Please care for these old weary souls who have no one else.  If you can’t give a donation then please help by passing this email on to your friends.   We have no choice but to rely on you, the public and sponsors for support.

This year has been an extremely hard year with all sorts of challenges and we all know that the old age homes in Zimbabwe have been struggling in this hard economic situation.  One particular one which is close to my heart, as you all may be aware,  is Waterfalls Old Age Home.  This year though, we are also wanting to help other oldies who need our love and support.

In the previous years we have given them a Christmas lunch before and on Christmas day and a big New Year’s lunch.  This year we would like to do something different.  We would like to give the oldies a proper Christmas lunch on Christmas day, lunch on New Year and would like to stock there deep freezers and pantry’s.  A lasting gift.

 For Christmas we normally cater for +/- 120 people.  This will cover the residents and staff at the homes.  We decorate the dining room with a Christmas Tree and lights before Christmas to give them the Christmas feeling.  We also like to give them a little Christmas present which is normally a hamper of goodies they can use depending on funds and donations  raised.

 We do understand the economy is especially hard this year and that is why we are sending our appeal out early in the hopes that someone somewhere can spare an extra coke , packet of crisps or 2 or a kg of meat or $ 10.00

We are appealing  for donations in either cash or kind towards the lunch, supplies and hampers.  Our wish list below is a breakdown of what we are aiming for, with your help, to provide for the old folk to make this Christmas special for them.  As mentioned you never know, it may be a last for some of them.

LUNCH FOR +/- 120

Christmas Crackers on the table

Buffet of Roast Beef, Chicken, Roast Pork, Roast Potatoes, Rice and Vegetables in season

 Dessert –

Mince pies / trifle / ice cream

Drinks to be served after lunch for a small party






Bath Soap









Mealie Meal




Tinned veg

Tinned spaghetti and sauce

Baked Beans

Tomato Paste/Puree

Sweet corn

Luncheon meat – colcom



Instant pudding

Jungle Oats







I thank you in advance for reading this appeal and no matter how small or large your donation is , it is always greatly received and very appreciated by all.

 Debbie Victor

Cell : +263 772 603 847

Email : brdinv@gmail.com

Skype : debbie.victor2