Eastern Johannesburg Caledonian Society


Fellow Caledonians,

 I hope that this newsletter finds you all well and getting over the Christmas and New Year festivities as well as getting into Robert Burns Month.

Our AGM was held on Sunday the 19th November 2017 and the following Office Bearers elected.

Chief                  : Audrey MacDonald.  Consort : Duncan MacDonald.

Chieftains          : Bill Dyer and Justine Limpidlaw.

Treasurer           : Justine Limpidlaw (Assisted by Cherry White)

Secretary           : Duncan MacDonald.

Honorary Piper  : Daniel Limpidlaw.

Central Council

Representative  : Jane Dyer.

Alternate  : Norma Craven.

Please diarise this date. Our Burns function will be held on Sunday 28th January at Ridgeview Retirement village, Caravelle Rd, Impala Park, Boksburg. It will take the form of a Luncheon and commence at 12:00. Ticket Price will be R60 each. Please advise Audrey or myself by the 21st of January, if you will be attending this function.

We will, of course, have all the entertainment that compliments a tribute to Robert Burns.

Hope to see you there.

 Yours Aye,

Duncan MacDonald



Durban C SChief:  Alex Coutts  Ph: 031-5644279                       Scribe:  Molly Gould  Ph: 0317014148

Email:   acoutts@iafrica.com                                      mollygould60@gmail.com

Secretary: Elspeth Gray Ph: 031-7016160                 elspethg@mweb.co.za



Good morning everyone,

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed our lovely cool winter days these past few weeks – Durban has had a winter at last!  A lot has happened since I last wrote to you all.

We’ve had Past Chief’s lunch and an AGM.  Firstly report back on the Past Chief’s lunch –  In the absence of our Federation Chief, who was supposed to be our honoured guest, but due to illness and on the advice of her Doctor, was unable to be with us, Chief Alex invited all the Past Chiefs and Lady Presidents of our Society to be our honoured guests.

In his welcome speech he mentioned Ronella Burrows who is the widow of the late Past Chief Ron Burrows, as well as both Margaret and Lyn who not only had been Chiefs of our Society, but went on to become Federation Chiefs as well! Noel & Molly who did a couple of stints as Chief & LP, but Molly going on to do an extra 2 years as Chief herself (with Noel as her consort). Noel in his reply said how proud he was to have had Alan, our son, go on to become Natal Junior Chief with Beverley (now his wife) as his Lady President. Molly added that she was Junior Lady President way back in 1958-1960.  Alistair and Mike, who also had been Chiefs with wives Sheila (now deceased) and Julie as Lady Presidents. Our youngest chief Mihalis and his wife Debbie and baby daughter Sarah (now 14 mths old) also graced us with their presence, although they arrived late.  So as you see we were rather “top heavy” at the main table!!

As usual our Pipe Band did us proud and it was great to see Jim Ware back with us although not as a playing member.  We also had members of the Ist Med Battalion

Pipe band give us a selection of their tunes that they had just played at the NSG the day before and Thomas Fuller played a Gaelic tune by the name of CABAR EEIDH GU BRATH; now try to pronounce that!!

The AGM was held on 15 July at Sandown Village, Pinetown and your new Committee members are as follows:’

Chief                        Alex Coutts

Lady President         Memory Coutts

Deputy Chief            Andreas Chasomeris

Honorary Chief         Noel Gould

Chieftains                 George Chasomeris

Mike Jackson

Alistair Mackenzie

Graeme Fuller

Hon Treasurer           Margaret Gardner

Hon Secretary           Elspeth Gray

Scribe                        Molly Gould

Committee                 Lyn Chasomeris

Julia Jackson

Tanya Oliver

Jim Ware

The Chief thanked all the members there for the hard work they had done over the past year and for agreeing to continue for yet another year.


This is the social where the Chief and Lady President plus all the members that make up our committee get “badged”, so come along and see your new committee. Don’t forget to phone and book your seats with me 031-7014148.  Too many times in the past we have had people arrive at the door without booking first.  It is very unfair on the committee to just arrive.  We do our level best to give you a decent lunch for the price and usually we are able to stretch a bit for the unexpected guest but it would make our lives just a little less stressful if we knew just how many to expect.  Thank you


Members on the sick list at the moment are William Elliott who is in Scotland. He was hoping to be back in SA for the Congress, but unfortunately ended up in hospital and neither he nor his wife Karen Paarz will be back before the end of October.  William we wish you a speedy recovery and hope to see you hale and hearty at the socials.

Our other member is a very long standing member, Past Chief Heather Lichkus who also has had a spell in hospital but is now recovering at home.  Heather we also wish you a speedy recovery back to full strength again.

Congratulations to all those celebrating their birthdays in:


1st Jean Turner who is turning 99 yrs old – what a grand age to be Jean, only  1 more to go for your centenary, very happy returns for  the lst

3rd Sandy Ware, 7th Alex Coutts, 9th Audrey Fuller, 14th Robert Smith, 29th Alistair Mackenzie


13th Andreas Chasomeris,   20th Molly Gould,   24th Gordon Capper,  26th Jeanette Hincliffe


2nd Heather Lichkus


2nd Graham Dawber 21 Anthony Pattison 23rd Noel Gould   24th Memory Coutts

And Anniversaries in:


18th Mihalis & Debbie Chasomeris


15th Mike & Julia Jackson   18th  George & Lyn Chasomeris


21st Rob & Heather Walker


10th   Graeme & Audrey Fuller, 15th Alex & Memory Coutts


By now you would all have received booking forms for our Congress in October.  I hope that most of our members will be able to attend some of the functions we will be holding over the weekend.  Please reply soonest to help Memory (who has put in a great deal or work on our behalf) with the smooth running of Congress.  It is going to be a weekend filled with saying ”Hi” to old friends, making new ones and being updated in all things Caledonian and then enjoying first class entertainment on Friday evening at the Ceilidh,  and of course we end up with a grand Ball on Saturday night.  So what more can you want from a weekend??  So send your forms in to Memory or if you’re going to be staying in, to the Hotel itself.




OCTOBER 5th – 7th:

Congress at the Blue Waters Hotel


Moth Parade in Pinetown

And that folks brings us to the end of another scintillating newsletter by your own Scribe, yours truly,  Molly


A student became lost during a solo cross-country flight.  While attempting to locate the aircraft on radar, ATC asked, “What was your last known position?”   Student:  “When I was number one for takeoff.”

An old Italian man in Brooklyn is dying.  He calls his grandson to his bedside, “Guido, I wan’ you lissina me.  I wan’ you to take-my-chrome plated …. 38 revolver, so you will always remember me.”

“But grandpa. I really don’t like guns … How about you leave me your  rolex watch instead?’

“You lissina me, boy! Somma day you gonna be runna da business, you gonna have a beautiful wife, lotsa money, a big-a home and maybe a couple of bambinos.”

Somma day you gonna come a home and maybe finds you wife inna bed with another man.  “Whatta you gonna do then? Point to you watch and say “Times up!?”

Pietersburg Caledonian Society

Congratulations to Helga Watson, elected as Caterer and Audrey Morris, elected as Scribe at last night’s AGM of the Polokwane Callies.

Stephanie Hillary is taking a break from catering as her and John want to travel a bit. From my side: It was a joy to be your scribe and to prepare the newsletters. I am over-committed at this stage and Audrey kindly stepped in. Please support her and supply material for the newsletter. Audrey’s e-mail address is audmorris@gmail.com

We will hear from the new committee shortly regarding Chief’s Day. Will keep our eyes
and ears open, Audrey

Signing off,

Callies Newsletter April 2014

Highland Dancing Teachers SA


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S RankinOUT and ABOUT 7

There is no place like home, and after a whirlwind of visits to the wonderful Caledonians throughout the country, it was time to pay my respects to the Societies in the Eastern Cape.

Past Lady President Rose Thompson accompanied me on the road trip to Port Elizabeth on a cold, rainy Friday morning, stopping off to see an old friend in Port Alfred along the way.

Chief and Lady President of Port Elizabeth Scottish Society, Ivan and Frances Dickson, were our hosts while we enjoyed an exciting weekend of activities.

At a Cocktail Party at the home of Past Chief and Lady President Bruce and Sandra Strang, the cool weather prompted a cosy huddle round the diningroom table with lots of fun, laughter and good food with the Committee members.

The following evening I had the privilege of installing the Chief and Lady President for their second term of office as well as enjoying my Official Welcome. There was plenty of time for socializing along with an excellent programme of Piping and Drumming, some a cappella songs by Eric Kirk and a delightful meal.

 q3 q1q2Hie-ing off to SAMREC on Sunday morning, we were treated to an informative talk by Michelle Bradshaw (also a Caledonian Committee member), as she attached a ‘pinger’ to one of the penguins to be released into the wild. Valuable information is later collected from stations located under the sea in the bay, which detect the movements of the bird over a period of time. The tide was out as we followed the crowd to the beach and ventured out on the rocks to watch three little penguins march boldly out to sea and freedom.

q6 q7 q8 q4 q5Senior Chieftain Cathy Stewart joined us for a light lunch and to watch the penguins being fed before we made our way to the home of Past Federation Chief and Lady President Andrew and Dawn Sked for a sumptuous afternoon tea.

Our next port of call was Knysna where we spent a delightful couple of days with Past Federation Lady President Morag Cruikshanks. The magnificent scenery along the way prompted a stop at the Storms River Bridge for an ice-cream, and beautiful weather gave us an opportunity to share some good fellowship and lovely sight-seeing with our hostess.

q10 q11 q9On the Waterfront, my attention was caught by a bronze statue of the English Bulldog ‘Bondi’. A gift from the people of Maputo to the Royal Naval Ship HMS Verbena in 1928, Bondi visited Knysna three times aboard the ship which was stationed at Simonstown, and died there in 1931. Buried on Thesen Island, the grave was tended by passing seamen for many years. In 2004 sculptor Karel du Toit unveiled the statue of Bondi on the Waterfront where visitors are encouraged to scratch his head and make a donation to the Animal Welfare Society.

q12The wind farm in the Humansdorp area was also a point of interest.

q13Just a few days back home and a very successful 24th East London Highland Dancing Festival took place at the Clarendon Girl’s Primary School. Convened by Jeanette Hubbard and adjudicated by Shona Robinson of Gauteng, it once again displayed a high standard of dancing.

q15 q16 q17 q14At lunch time on the same day, the MOTH’s Residents Association held its Annual Potjie Competition. A popular event supported by service clubs and other friendly organisations provided a delightful opportunity for social interaction and a chance to sample some of the delicious array of interesting dishes.

q19 q20 q18

The Battle of Britain commemoration Parade took place at the East Cemetary in East London on Sunday morning, 13th September, led by the combined Caledonian Society and Buffalo City Pipe Bands. The Address was delivered by Rev. Des Plint who is also Chaplain of the East London Caledonian Society and a member of their Pipe Band. A fly-past by three vintage aircraft took place at precisely 11 a.m.




q23Meeting at the MOTH Hall afterwards, we were joined by stalwart past members of the East London Caledonian Society Pipe Band for a time of reminiscences and sharing. Amongst them, ex- Pipe Majors Bill Hartley and Don McCarlie as well as Alistair Geddie, also a piper, all of whom served in the Band from the 1940’s.


The following week, members of the East London Caledonian Society Committee and Ladies’

Group together with Past Chiefs and Lady Presidents met at the home of Senior Chieftain Maureena Middleton for a lovely evening of friendship and chatter, away from the usual formality of business and agendas. Honorary Piper Robert Rankin gave the assembly just the right flavour with his rendition of some well-loved tunes and a happy evening soon passed.

q29 q30 q28Next evening, the East London Caledonian Society welcomed me in grand style with a fabulous, well-attended Ceilidh. The Pipe Band and Highland Dancers strutted their stuff; well-known local artistes Brian and Colleen Smith entertained us on the piano and keyboard; Shaun Davy on the violin and Rob Rankin on the bagpipes provided an interesting and unusual duet, and there was lots of dancing and a number of items from the floor. A fitting finale indeed, to a spectacular year of office.

q34 q35q31 q32As the door slowly closes on my personal adventure, I am excited to have had the opportunity to witness another door opening in the Eastern Cape when a small piping contest between East London, Grahamstown , Port Elizabeth and other local centres was launched by Chris Terry in Grahamstown recently. Musicians in this region look forward to positive spin-off from this initiative which is planned to take place three or four times a year.

q39 q40 q38

In closing, I should like to thank everyone for the incredible support, friendship, hospitality and warmth of welcome I have received from you all wherever I have travelled during this past year. My treasure-house is packed with precious memories of shared joys, loving fellowship and many other gifts that will always remain a very precious part of my life.

Your aye,

Sandra Rankin

Federation Chief

Harare Caledonian Society

The 65th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation
An afternoon tea party to celebrate
the 65th anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation
will take place at 2.30 p.m. for 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 2, 2018.
The venue is The Gallery, 29 College Road, Alexandra Park.
(The Gallery is situated on College Road between Hodson Avenue and Harry Pichanick Drive) The cost
will be $7 per person, payable to the restaurant via Swipe or Ecocash.
Should you wish to bring your own wine, there will be no corkage charge.

Dress Code – Smart casual Booking is essential.
Please confirm your booking to empire@mango.zw
before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30, 2018.

The Port Elizabeth Scottish Association

(Registered Caledonian Society – Founded 1882)


(To be returned by 1 July 2012)

 I ……………………………………………………of ……………………………………

Being a member of the Port Elizabeth Scottish Association hereby appoint ……………..


as my proxy to vote for me and on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting of the Port

Elizabeth Scottish Association to be held on Sunday, 8 July 2012.

Unless otherwise instructed, my proxy may vote as he/she thinks fit.

Signed …………………………………….     Date ……………………………………….




PRESENT:                     Twenty-seven members, as per Attendance Register

WELCOME:                  Chief Llewellyn Faifer opened the meeting and welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting.

APOLOGIES:                Twelve members, as per Attendance Register

OBITUARIES:               Nil


The Minutes having been circulated were taken as read and recorded as true.

Proposed:          Pam Peddie                      Seconded:          Jannette Robertson


There were no matters arising from the previous Minutes


Chief Llewellyn Faifer gave his report for the year 2010/2011.

A copy of this report is attached. 


Auditor, Ivan Dickson gave his Financial Report for the year ending 31 May 2011. He was concerned that the financial statements were late in being given to him and he stressed that in future the books must be typed or written up prior to being given to the Auditor, as his job is to check the books and then give a yearly report of his findings.

The Income & Expenditure Statement, plus Balance Sheet are attached.

Ivan mentioned that the income for the year was R20 455, R11 553 of this being realized at Congress 2010, which had been convened by Dawn Sked.

Chief Llewellyn Faifer said he accepted responsibility for the financial statements being given to Ivan late.

Snr Chieftain Alistair Wilson enquired what the amounts where listed under ‘Other Funds’. Ivan explained that this money was donated by past members to various funds. These totalled up to the R40 000 listed under Investments.

The Highland Gathering money of R33 914 was still in the current account and needed to be reinvested.

Past Chief Rob Campbell stated that Reach for a Dream would like their thanks recorded for the donation of R6 000, which was money raised at the Burgess Cup in conjunction with Algoa Remax.

Andrew Sked said he would like to congratulate Ivan on getting this Report finished at such short notice.

Chief Llewellyn Faifer brought to the notice of everyone that we had a large amount of money in our accounts and the interest we were getting was not very much. He had looked into putting it all together and investing it.

Dawn Sked mentioned that she did not think it a good idea to do this in case the market goes down.

Frances Dickson said in the Constitution it states that the money be placed in a Bank and suggested that we keep it in a ‘main line’ bank. She also mentioned that the Eastern Cape Highland Gathering money must be kept separately and that the Gathering falls under the Port Elizabeth Scottish Association Constitution.

Proposed by:     Andrew Sked                   Seconded by: Dawn Sked


Chief Llewellyn Faifer thanked all the members for their help and support during his year of office and handed the Meeting over to Past Chief Rob Campbell for the election of office bearers.

Past Chief Rob Campbell expressed a vote of thanks to the outgoing Chief and Lady President and congratulated them on a very successful year. He then declared the present committee dismissed and all the positions are now vacant and called for nominations.

Chief:                 Sandra Strang                  Molly Trump                   Alistair Wilson

Consort:            Bruce Strang                    Sandra Strang                  Cathy Stewart

Snr Chieftain:    Ivan Dickson                   Frances Dickson              Dawn Sked

Chieftain:          Agnes Bean                     Llewellyn Faifer              Frances Dickson

Hon Treasurer: Frances Dickson              Andrew Sked                   Cathy Stewart

Hon Secretary: Frances Dickson              Andrew Sked                   Dawn Sked


Jill Mackenzie                 Eileen Boggess                James Boggess

Dawn Sked                      Wendy McCleland           Claire Wilson

Andrew Sked                   Jill Mackenzie                 Andrew Sked

Cathy Stewart                  Bruce Strang                    Wendy McCleland

Ken Bean                        Llewellyn Faifer              Alistair Wilson

Llewellyn Faifer as Past Chief automatically stays on the committee for the forthcoming year. Wendy McCleland was proposed as a committee member, but she declined.

Hon Scribe:       Jill Mackenzie                 Cathy Stewart                  Sandra Strang

                           Llewellyn Faifer will assist Jill

Auditor:             Ivan Dickson                   Andrew Sked                   Sandra Strang

Hon Chaplain:   This to be discussed by the incoming committee.


Chief Sandra Strang took the Chair and received the Chief’s Badge from Past Chief Rob Campbell. She thanked all present for having faith in her ability to take on this position.

A letter has been received from the Immediate Past Federation Chief, Jean Kelly, regarding Candidates for Royal Patronage. The suggestions are Prince Harry, Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Princess Eugenie.

Prince Harry was the suggested by our members. Other Royals suggested are Prince Harry or his wife Sophie. A letter would be send to Jean Kelly advising her of our feedback.

Past Chief Rob Campbell suggested that the Federation contact The Rt Hon Paul Boateng, British High Commissioner in South Africa and approach the Royals through him, as he has strong Scottish connections.

Alistair Wilson proposed a vote of thanks to Past Chief Rob Campbell for standing in as Chairman for the elections.

Andrew Sked thanked Past Chief Llewellyn Faifer for the hard work he had done over the past three years.

CLOSURE:       There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 13.15 and was followed by a braai



The Port Elizabeth Scottish Association

(Registered Caledonian Society – Founded 1882)


Notice is hereby given that the 130th Annual General Meeting of the Society

will be held on

Date:        Sunday, 8 July 2012

Time:          12.00 noon

                               Place:          Victoria Park Bowling Club

                                                   Victoria Park Drive Walmer

 All members are requested to make a special effort to attend.

Snacks, wine and fruit juice will be provided after meeting.


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting
  2. Matters arising from Minutes
  3. Chief’s Annual Report
  4. Auditor’s Financial Report
  5. Election of Office Bearers & Committee
  6. Appointment of Honorary Auditor
  7. Appointment of Scribe
  8. Appointment of Honorary Chaplain
  9. General


                                Chief                        Sandra Strang

Chieftain                  Bruce Strang

Senior Chieftain       Ivan Dickson

Chieftain                  Agnes Bean

Hon Secretary         Frances Dickson

Hon Treasurer         Frances Dickson

Scribe                      Jill Mackenzie

Committee               Llewellyn Faifer, Andrew Sked, Dawn Sked, Cathy Stewart

Hon Auditor             Ivan Dickson

Hon Chaplain           –

Yours faithfully

Sandra Strang