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95th Annual Congress

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Hi Callies,

Believe it or not but the end of the year is in sight. But for us it is the beginning of a brand new year in the society. As you may already know our new Chief is Margaret Mathews with Liz Soderland her Lady President. Best wishes to the two of them, I am sure they will enjoy a successful year with your support. Well, I spent this whole year rattling on about hosting Congress, it is done and I think we hosted a successful and very enjoyable weekend. Starting Friday night with a lovely relaxed pub evening with Brian providing a sing-a-long and ending Saturday night with a super lively Ceilidh. The entertainment at the Ceilidh was from, wonderful old Scottish songs and verse from Sue, Pipe music by Mark, Walter and Charles, our past Fed Chief, Muggs digging out her old music had some folk on the floor enjoying Scottish Country Dancing, a lovely surprise was Tanya MacDonnell from East London doing Highland Dancing, Margaret Gardener taking the floor with ‘I belong to Glasgow’ her home town Glasgow, Cathy Bell singing my favourite ‘The Four Marys,’ even the appearance of ‘Freddie Mercury’ in drag thanks to Robbie and ending with the super three musical talents of Pieter, Mark and Melissa who were great. Thanks to our ever patient and adaptable MC Doug Lamb, he kept things ticking over at an incredible pace. Sincere thanks to all for the lovely evening and to those who played the smallest or biggest part in the organizing of the weekend. It was really seeing ‘old’ friends again and Bloem Callies especially enjoyed meeting up with Peter and Anne McLeod again.

The business section went off without any problems as did the installation and kirkin’ of the officials. There has been a slight change in the composition of the officials with only the Federated Chief and Lady President and National Chieftain and Lady President. The Provincial officials have been done away with. Congratulations to our Federated Lady President Linda Goodlet, National Chieftain Roxanne Piderit and Lady President Sue Piderit. Sure this will prove to be the way of the future. See photos of the weekend on our FaceBook page Bloemfontein Caledonian Society. We are also changing things slightly this year with our St Andrews Dinner to be held very early indeed, you can almost say its St Andrews and Halloween together. This will be held on Sunday 27 October at 12.30pm, yes lunchtime and be will at the home of Margaret Mathews, 7 Brill Street known as Lavender Lane. Price R80 a head and bring your own refreshments. Margaret very graciously changed the date to accommodate me as I am leaving for Scotland on the 28 October and will only be back mid December which is a busy time to fit any other function in. So please people support this and advise if you will be there by Monday 21st October, just to assist catering.
Jenny and Brian and enjoying a visit from their son Robin, Liza and little Ella all the way from Oz. Mac and I are very pleased to welcomed a new grand daughter, Ariana Lyneve, born to Maria and Robert-John in 23 September. We are very pleased to report John Bell is home after a long stretch in Medi Clinic and step down and is getting on pretty well. All the best John and Cathy.


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