History Made

Speech made by Past Federation Chief Sandra Rankin on the occasion of presentation to Rory Bellingan. Hosted at Herbert Park, the reply from both Rory and Fred Brokenshire were in much the same vein, “That bridges must be built or repaired”, and the Scottish in South Africa must work together to this end.


Fellow Caledonians and Friends…….

I am delighted to be here with you all this evening and sincerely thank the members of Central Council for facilitating this gathering, as well as the many friends and associates who have come together to make this occasion so special..

To give you some background:

During my term of office October 2013 to October 2014, I had the opportunity not only to visit all the member Societies of the Federated Caledonian Society of Southern Africa, but also to attend a number of Gatherings, dinners and meetings where the love of Scottish Culture and tradition was celebrated, quite outside of the Caledonian Movement.

I became acutely aware of the importance of fostering closer relationships between the various organisations and ourselves, to offer support and encouragement for the mutual benefit of all who strive to nurture and promote the heritage we all hold so dear.

Every one of these groups, and indeed, each member is to be commended for their role in their local communities as well as in the wider field.

One of the privileges of my office was to identify anyone I felt worthy, to be considered for special recognition in the ambit of Scottish Tradition and Culture.

Based on observations, I identified one person who has distinguished himself over many years for his dedication and commitment to fostering the appreciation and practice of Scottish music throughout Southern Africa through the Pipe Band Association of Southern Africa as well as in his personal capacity.

It is the first time that a Federation award has been conferred on a non-Caledonian and, in fact, the first time that this particular award has been made – a prestigious and historic event indeed!

It is therefore with the greatest of pleasure, and in terms of Item 4. d) of the Constitution, that Honorary Membership of the Federated Caledonian Society of Southern Africa is conferred on Pipe Major Rory Bellingan.

Sandra Rankin

Past Federation Chief 11th July 2015

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